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SharePoint Premium: Everything You Need to Know

By 2025, there’s going to be a whopping 130 billion terabytes of content, including things like contracts, invoices, designs, and videos. Handling all this stuff manually makes things less efficient, causes us to miss out on opportunities, and ends up costing more. 

To tackle this content overload, it’s crucial to use technology to automatically sort and process it. Microsoft has introduced something called SharePoint Premium at the 2023 Ignite conference. It’s like a smart system that uses artificial intelligence to make dealing with content in the cloud much easier. Think of it as the upgraded version of Microsoft Syntex. 

Check out our article to understand how this tech helps make content smarter, streamlines important business tasks, improves how things are managed, and gets your content ready for Copilot. 

What is SharePoint?

Before we dive into the cool stuff about SharePoint Premium, let’s get the basics right. 

So, SharePoint is like a super useful tool made by Microsoft. It’s been around since 2001, and businesses love using it. Basically, it gives companies a bunch of services to share and manage documents, info, and ideas smoothly within the organization. 

With SharePoint, you can make intranet websites for teams to collaborate, store and organize documents, and keep track of different versions. It’s not just basic – it also has cool features like forums, forms, workflows, and business analytics. 

There are two types: 

SharePoint Online: This is like the online version hosted by Microsoft in their data centers, taking care of all the maintenance stuff. 

SharePoint Server: The classic version that you install on server farms.

In a nutshell, SharePoint helps you work together, share news, and securely share files. 

Work Together: It lets teams collaborate with dynamic sites in Microsoft Teams. You can sync and safely share files, data, and resources. 

Share News: You can publish info and resources on your intranet. Create custom sites that look cool and share news that matters to specific people. 

Share Files: Easily access, manage, and store all your collaborative content on the big cloud platform, which plays nice with Microsoft 365. 

What is SharePoint Premium?

SharePoint Premium is like the upgraded and supercharged version of regular SharePoint. It’s designed for big organizations that deal with a ton of digital stuff and need extra help in keeping things organized and safe. 

Imagine it as your trusty tool for making sure all your digital content is in order, safe, and gets a boost from smart AI. It’s like SharePoint, but even better! It comes with cool features that make handling digital stuff, like documents and info, way easier. 

Content experiences: 

The upgraded SharePoint Premium is all about making your content experiences way better, so you can get more done. Now, you can team up on lots of different types of files, there’s a fresh document portal for smoother collaboration with outside folks, and AI helps spot which documents need your focus. It also uses AI to make dealing with various business documents—like invoices, contracts, and proposals—a whole lot easier and smarter. 

Content handling 

Content handling in SharePoint Premium is taken up a notch with top-notch AI capabilities, making it simpler to sort out your content. 

This includes better features for translating files and videos, enhanced abilities to identify files containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as credit card details, personal addresses, and contact information. Plus, it automatically hides sensitive info across all files in SharePoint. 

Content Management: 

To tackle common issues faced by big organizations, like sharing too much content and causing clutter, SharePoint Premium introduces the Data Access Governance (DAG) insights report. This report gives a quick look at files that are shared too much throughout the SharePoint environment. It also brings in fresh features for IT admins to start reviews of site access, letting content owners check who has access. There are also smart AI suggestions for policies and the option to use Copilot in the SharePoint admin center. 

why your business needs SharePoint premium

Enhanced Collaboration and Content Experiences 

SharePoint Premium makes working together easier. You can view and comment on files directly within SharePoint, making teamwork smoother and more engaging for everyone. 

AI-powered Content Processing 

It uses AI technology to do some tasks automatically, like sorting documents, adding labels, and pulling out important information. This helps save time and makes it easier to find what you need in your files. 

Streamlined Business Processes 

For important business documents, such as contracts or invoices, SharePoint Premium helps make things run more smoothly. It does this by using AI, extra security measures, and automation to streamline how work gets done. 

Advanced Security and Governance 

With SharePoint Premium, you get more control over who can access what. This helps keep important information safe and makes sure that the right people have the right access at the right time. 

Preparation for Future Advancements 

Using SharePoint Premium might also set your business up for future improvements. For example, it could work well with upcoming technologies like Microsoft Copilot, which could make your work even more efficient and productive. 


In summary, SharePoint Premium offers a valuable suite of features that can greatly improve collaboration, efficiency, and security within your business. The seamless file viewing and annotation features facilitate teamwork, while AI-driven content processing streamlines tasks, saving time and enhancing information organization. The optimized processes for critical documents, alongside advanced security measures, contribute to a more secure and well-organized data environment. 

Furthermore, SharePoint Premium goes beyond the immediate benefits; it positions your business for future advancements. By embracing these sophisticated features, you open doors to potential integrations with emerging technologies such as Microsoft Copilot, promising even greater productivity enhancements. As businesses progress, SharePoint Premium serves as a solid foundation to meet current needs while proactively preparing for advancements, making it a strategic choice for organizations aspiring to excel in the dynamic digital landscape.